The adventures of Lucy & Rob

Big sky country, WACapitol Reefs, UtahGiant Smiles, Sierra NevadaGoblin Valley, UtahHoh Rainforest, OlympicLennon Memorial, Central Park
Nashville, Tennessee
Natchez Trace ParkwayNorth CascadesOn top of the Empire State BuildingSunset in OregonTickle fight, Monument Valley

One of the great joys in running your own business, err shop, err space or whatever it is we have here. Are the absolutely wonderful people we get to meet. We would like to introduce Miss Lucy and Rob (he’s the one with the beard) they were kind enough to stop by the shop the day they were heading back to England.

After having some financial difficulties in England they decided to trip about the US. They spent six months in the states using L.A. as their hub. Its funny how you have kindred spirits all around the world Lucy came in here wearing a beautiful brown dress with swiss dots and was thinking that’s a dress we would have in the shop.  I was going to ask her if she would want to be one of our models.

They are contemplating opening a children’s vintage shop, which would be magnificent. They are great team those twoJ 

They have inspired us to travel the country, then Europe, then Asia, and then the world - kids in tow.

Thank you so much for sharing and we wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. Enjoy all the struggles, its what makes life special.

p.s. Rob I hope you still have your beard.

enid and edgar.