Fall ... Shall we?

I really have to be better about updating our humble ole' blog when we have new pieces on our etsy
Well folks, today is a new day, and so I shall begin to share ...
Hope you like what you see.  And it would be lovely to hear what you all think about our pickins.
1. 1970s Sweet Green Jacquard Mini Dress   
3. 1960s Red Paisley Swing Coat
4. 1970s Ivory Ruffle Edwardian Dress
6. 1970s Black Ditsy Gunne Sax Maxi Skirt
11. 1960s Brown Wool Plaid Blazer
13. 1970s Peachy Lace Grecian Mini Dress
14. 1950s Navy Ditsy Girlie Day Dress
19. 1950s Dusty Blue Preppy Day Dress