the beauty of blade runner

just think chinatown with sci-fi styling.  which many people would be very excited for but could very easily become a calamity. is the story line great... no, not really. plot and characters are very typical of american films. although i have been told of the great depth of blade runner, as of yet a valid argument hasn't been made. 

visually though, that's the thing. shot with a rad color palette in old/2019 LA turned hong kong. does it help to know LA? probably. Nonetheless you are watching this noir film and then all of a sudden you’re in a fashion editorial. i found myself constantly pointing at the screen in a "oh did you see that" style. there is a good 80/40s thing going on although it can get comical at times. there is also some early eighties steampunk which isn't nauseating. (i had begun to believe that wasn't possible) not really worth watching at home, this needs to be seen in an old large american movie theatre. probably the only large american thing worth going to is an old theatre. as most large U.S. things suck... but i digress. find an old theatre and ask them to show it or find and old warehouse and show it yourself.