Matt Schaefer

As promised, here is a vid of Matt Schaefer playing at the shop. It's pretty darn awesome.  The song, entitled "Mistletoe" is just in time for the upcoming holiday.

Matt Schaefer - Mad World (cover) from Eugene Lee on Vimeo.

It's now November 17 - a few days after I first posted this piece about the wonderful Matt Schaefer.  Eugene just shared this snippet of Matt performing "Mad World," so I had to share it with all of you. Matt preceded by dedicating it to the recent suicides of those students who were harassed and ridiculed for being gay. Take a look at all our faces as we listen intently to his words.  As of this moment, these lyrics have a whole new meaning to all of us in the room.

Both videos shown here are by Eugene Lee, quite a master with the camera, I must say.

Thanks for sharing guys. We'd love to do it again sometime.