Treasures hunted.

A few new items we've just gotten a hold of.  You may find these pieces in our Etsy or just click on the links below, if you'd like see the nitty-gritty details.
As always, thanks for looking!

1. Blue Pleated Sailor Dress
9. Kelly Green Mod Mini Dress
13. Olive Green Handmade Cardigan
15. Wool Tweed Vest

May you all have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving! Make some sweet, unforgettable new memories with those you care about. Eat tons then eat some more. It's well deserved!
I won't be responsible for the grunt of the cooking this year (quite relieved!). I'll be making the salad (easy peasy), sweet potato pie (because my "sweet" husband, our Marcus and lil' Amelia lurve it) and the peach cobbler (the cobbler's for me and the Jonas to devour).  I'm getting quite hungry just talking about it.

Happy Thanksgiving!