a visual meandering throughout enid and edgar on a rainy afternoon


(see above)

feel free to look around and try on anything you like:)

wire hangers still have a place in our hearts

an assortment of receptacles for your trinkets and treasures
and some wonderful treasures made by a flaming hag from up north 

they are always watching. the owl is our sentinel  - ever vigilant. 
our lady enjoys moving about the shop aimlessly while you are not looking,
leaving you wondering how she got there.

 the indoor fitting room for those frigid l.a. afternoons and early evenings.
be forewarned, there may be a little gypsy girl in there writing stories and giggling to herself.

pip craighead and candles who will soon see their last show:)

 a cruel trick! a wall of endless servitude!! 
wood slices that don't know their job is to stay on the wall. 
who tirelessly enjoy jumping headlong into the sidewalk.
as neighbor chime says "our cross to bear"

an assortment of scarves waiting for a beautiful girl to take them on a great, romantic rendezvous.

 this is some crazy homeless looking guy who comes by every once in awhile. just ignore him like his wife does.  

the start of a new little one

our happy buddha sits peacefully at the entrance, 
offering our sweet visitors blessings of joy and an open heart.

the wise one.

enid loves edgar (well most of the time anyway)

gifts from good people

the delightful work of miss tessa kim

the wrapping station? work space? point of sale area?
the part of the shop where we talk and we take forever to wrap your stuff - 
that sounds most accurate

the gypsy girl ... preparing to conjure up new fables

a special gift from luz, who makes us smile with the most delicate and heartfelt artwork in l.a.

 good old things standing by as they prepare to leave us and find new homes

the gypsy girl again. now playing records and dancing about the shop
i am officially under her spell 

wood, rope, and faux candles  ... i guess it makes sense

not supposed to mix politics and business.

good thing the 99% isn't about politics and we would hate to be called a business

thanks for stopping by, it was so nice to meet you :)