Doll Making.

This past Christmas holiday, the husband and I aspired to give handmade gifts to our kiddies. It was a TALL order.  Most of our wonderful and heart-felt ideas are still just that - "ideas" in our little blue notebook. Oh well, next year I promise to begin working on Christmas more than 3 weeks prior to the big day.
I am happy to say, though, that two projects (the husband and our older son made the Donut - our four year old - some sweet wooden blocks ... to be blogged about at a later date ... ) were completed successfully. And I was able to make our little winky noodle, Amelia, five soft and cuddly fabric dolls.  Quite easy to make too, even I was able to follow the instructions. 
I found the pattern and how-to video (thanks Martha and Emily Martin for sharing your clever crafts with the world!) here

With a little felt and some vintage fabric remnants, I cut my pattern pieces.

And, while the Winky Noodle was at school I plugged away at completing these lovelies.

Just after the Winky opened her brown paper package.

Merry Christmas Amelia!  Love Mama

"Olivia" at the Zoo Hitching a ride in cousin Natahsa's Bag