Treasures hunted.

Some lovely treasures found by the husband and myself (mostly by my better half). He really does pick some nice pieces (see, there's the credit you deserve, but say you never receive). While, I, on the other hand could have a good or bad picking day. It all depends on a few significant details, which include, but are not limited to - the previous night's sleep and that morning's coffee consumption.
I'd love to hear what you all think about our pickins' - and as always, thank you for checking on us. :)

More goodies in the shop too.

1. White Crochet Lace Dress
2. 50s Red Foulard Day Dress
4. Sweet Black Daisy Calico Dress

16. Ivory Chiffon Wedding Dress
17. 50s Blue Green Ombre Prom Dress
20. Black Linen Cocktail Dress
22. Aqua Blue Ascot Dress
24. Ivory Floral Prairie Mini Dress
25. Sweet Blue Dream Empire Dress
26. Navy Fall Foliage Dress
27. Navy Foulard Smart Secretary Dress
30. Ivory Chiffon Cropped Top

35. Sheer White Lace Boudoir Top

"A person can achieve everything by being simple and humble."

-Rig Veda